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Hellenic Cables, a Greek supplier of submarine cable systems, has won a contract from Seaway 7, Subsea 7’s Renewable Energy business unit, to supply 66 kV inter-array cables and components for an offshore wind farm.

A press release said that the order is for the Seagreen Marine Wind Farm, is a 1.075 GW project located 27 km off the coast of Angus, Scotland, where it will be developed and operated by Seagreen Wind Energy Limited. When completed, it will be the largest wind farm in Scotland.

The contract calls for Hellenic Cables to design and produce approximately 320 km of 66 kV inter-array cables with XLPE insulation, as well as relevant components. The cables will be made in the company’s submarine cable production unit in Corinth. Delivery is set for early 2022.

“We are proud to support Seaway 7 in a project that will provide low carbon energy to around 1 million households and accelerate the energy transition in the U.K.,” said Hellenic Cables CEO Alexios Alexiou. Hellenic Cables is one of the largest producers of cables in Europe, manufacturing power and telecommunication cables as well as submarine cables for various industrial uses, such as submarine cables for wind power projects and interconnections, as well as turnkey power transmission and distribution projects.

In other news, earlier this year Hellenic Cables announced that it has reached an agreement with Enel Green Power that will allow all its electricity needs in Greece to be met by renewable energy sources. That would include its submarine cable factory in Corinth and its high-voltage cable factory in Thebes.

Hellenic Cables announced that it will be a supplier for two projects, one for Denmark and the other for the U.S.

A press release said that Energinet, an electricity transmission company owned by the state of Denmark, has selected Hellenic Cables as one of the three cable manufacturers in the framework agreement for underground high voltage cable systems (145-170 kV). In addition to supplying H-V cables, the contract includes all the other elements needed for Denmark’s high-voltage onshore network. The eight-year contract (2020-2028) will require an estimated 4,200 km of cable during the cited timeframe. The cable orders will be distributed to the three manufacturers either by direct assignment or by competitions between participating manufacturers per the Framework Agreement. Hellenic Cables will make the 145-170 kV cables at its plant in Thebes.

Hellenic Cables also reported that, in the U.S., it has an agreement with Semco Maritime A/S to supply inter-array cables for the Mayflower Wind project, a joint venture of Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC. The offshore wind project is expected to start-up in 2025. The company will provide some 300 km of 66 kV, XLPE insulated submarine inter-array cables that will connecting the project’s wind turbines to its offshore substation. The cables will be manufactured at Hellenic Cables’ submarine cable production facility in Corinth, Greece. The order is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, with final installation expected around 2025.

Cablel® Hellenic Cables announced that it has been awarded part of an R&D tender for a Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (Floating Wind) focused on the development of high-voltage dynamic export cables for the transmission of power from floating wind farms to shore

A press release said that the project, under the auspices of Carbon Trust, is a collaborative initiative between industry partners EnBW, ENGIE, Eolfi, E.ON, Equinor, innogy, Kyuden Mirai Energy, Ørsted, ScottishPower Renewables, Shell, Vattenfall and Wpd, with support from the Scottish government. The goal is to develop commercial-scale floating wind farms, with this R&D effort representing a new technology that is a critical factor for the commercial deployment of floating wind technology.

“For this purpose, Hellenic Cables will support the design, initial testing and development of dynamic cables ranging from 130kV to 250kV to enable the efficient transmission of power from floating wind turbines to shore,” the release said. The award for the company is for the first phase of the project, due for completion in March 2020.

The cables will be made at the plant of Fulgor SA, a subsidiary of Hellenic Cables, at its plant in Soussaki, Corinth, Greece, where Fulgor is capable of making some of the world’s longest submarine cables in continuous lengths. Cablel Hellenic Cables, which is part of Belgium’s Cenergy Holdings SA, manufactures power and telecom cables as well as submarine cables. It has four plants in Greece and one in Bulgaria.

Last November, Cablel Hellenic Cables won a contract worth some 29 million euros and Fulgor a contract worth some 18 million euros to provide and install submarine and land cables in the Rio-Antirrio area for the extension of the 400kV grid towards Peloponnese, Greece. Those projects called for 18 km of six 400kV single-core submarine cables and optical fiber submarine cables, and some 42 km of 400 kV land cables for the route from the landing points of the submarine cables in Peloponnese and Central Greece.

Hellenic Cables and its marine contractor partner, Van Oord, have been awarded a contract from TenneT to supply and install sea and land cables for the Hollandse Kust (South) Alpha wind farm project.

A press release from Hellenic Cables said that the 700 MW grid connection project—which will transmit offshore wind energy to electricity users in the Netherlands—includes the design, manufacture of 220 kV cables, the cable-laying operation and connecting the wind farm to the Maasvlakte high-voltage station. The 42-km connection will run from the offshore Alpha substation to the onshore station located at the Maasvlakte 2 area, Rotterdam.

The two companies have also been chosen to deliver and install cables for the Hollandse Kust (South) Beta project. This calls for making and laying 66 kV marine cable between the Alpha and Beta platforms. The Hollandse Kust (South) Alpha grid connection is due to be ready by 2021, and the Beta in 2022. Hellenic Cables’ value of the assignments for both Hollandse Kust (South) Alpha and Beta projects is approximately €105 million.

"With this new tender for the offshore grid, we are again, according to the Energy Agreement, taking an important next step towards more sustainable electricity production at sea," said TenneTT CEO Manon van Beek.


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