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The Prysmian Group announced that it has reached a key technology milestone in power transmission: the successful development and testing of the first 525 kV extruded submarine full cable system for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) applications.
The breakthrough will enable a massive increase of the maximum transmission capacity of bi-pole systems up to more than 2.5 GW, which is more than double the value achieved with 320 kV DC systems currently in service. The one-year prequalification testing was carried out per international standards including CIGRE TB-496 and witnessed by a third-party certification body.
“This new milestone confirms our commitment and prominent role in the development of power grids infrastructure, key for the energy transition,” said Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista.
HVDC cable links are key components of sustainable energy systems, to transmit large bulks of electricity over long distances, often across or between countries. This achievement will put Prysmian Group in a unique position to support forthcoming tenders for submarine interconnectors.
“On the heels of the successful industrialization of 525 kV HVDC underground cables for the 3 German HVDC links projects, we are ready to extend this innovative technology for submarine cable systems to enable our customers in the continuous effort towards the energy transition by further reducing the costs of offshore wind and minimizing the environmental impact,” said Hakan Ozmen, EVP Projects Business Unit.
The company leveraged its in-depth knowledge of materials and the capability to improve manufacturing processes to optimize a reliable industrial process with strict technological parameters and providing an entire system of cable and accessories. That includes flexible factory joints, rigid repair joints and sea-land joints with the best dielectric properties.

6/2/2022 -

The Prysmian Group will partner with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecom company, to build a new intercapital dual fiber path network in the country, a project that will require up to 20,000 km of optical fiber terrestrial cable.

A press release said that the national fiber network project, a multi-year project, will see Telstra build a new “state-of-the-art inter-city dual fiber path” to boost inter-capital capacity, as well as capacity for regional areas.

Prysmian and Telstra InfraCo undertook the development of a leading-edge optical cable system, leveraging Prysmian’s local R&D Lab. The Group invested to develop the next generation of high-strength, low-loss optical cable that has a highly ruggedized design, made for direct ploughing enabling long-distance deployment in harsh local conditions. The state-of-the-art cable design is combined with Prysmian’s BendBright® G.657.A2 Low Loss fiber technology. The cable has been developed to Australia’s unique environmental conditions and will be designed and manufactured locally at Prysmian’s factory on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Prysmian will support this project through local production of the optical cables in Dee Why, Sydney, which will boost jobs and investment in local high-tech manufacturing. The Group is investing to upgrade the plant’s capacity and capability. The deployment includes up to 20,000 kms of dual high strength optical cables combined with upgrade of the network within the Metro cities.

 “There is an ever-growing demand for greater fiber capacity, enabling massive bandwidth and ultrafast data rates with lower latency,” said Philippe Vanhille, executive vice president of the Telecom Division at Prysmian Group.

5/4/2022 -

The Prysmian Group reports that it is keeping pace with executing its plan to invest some €1 billion by 2024, mainly targeted at developing businesses that support the energy transition.

A press release said that global trends for creating more power through renewable resources were fueling the company’s investment plans. “Development of the trans-European power grid plays a strategic role in decarbonization and in the transition to renewable sources, as well as in improving EU energy autonomy — an urgent need that has returned to the fore with the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” said Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista. “As a global leader in the cable industry, we have decided to increase investments chiefly in support of energy interconnection projects and connections for renewable sources.”

The investment plan seeks to consolidate the company’s approximately 35-40% share in the high voltage submarine and underground cable market, which per 2025 forecasts is projected to top  €8 billion a year in terms of projects awarded. In 2021, Prysmian acquired projects worth €4.8 billion.

The Group is accelerating its plan to build the first high-voltage submarine cable facility in Massachusetts, USA, which with an investment of approximately €200 million will be a hub of strategic importance for the development of the offshore wind power industry in the country.

Significant investments will be made in expanding the production capacity and technological equipment of the key excellence centers for power transmission submarine cables. An investment of over €80 million will go to the Arco Felice (Naples) plant, which will be expanded, including in view of the execution of the Tyrrhenian Link interconnection. An investment of over €100 million will go to Pikkala (Finland) center of excellence for Northern Europe, particularly focused on offshore wind farm cabling projects, as well as to the Gron plant in France for the production of the German HVDC cable projects. The current submarine cable production structure is rounded out by the plants in Nordenham, Germany, and Drammen, Norway.

Another investment was in the Leonardo da Vinci, the world’s largest cable-laying vessel, which required an investment exceeding €170 million. Built by the Vard Group (Fincantieri), the vessel will expedite the time needed to complete submarine interconnection projects, while also decreasing their environmental impact. The Group’s fleet of cable-laying vessels also includes in addition to the new barge Barbarossa. Moreover, in addition to the Arco Felice (Naples) base, it can also count on the Middlesbrough operating base in Great Britain.

In terms of technical advances, Prysmian notes that its 525 kV P-Laser cable system, offers unparalleled efficiency in energy transmission and an innovative aramid-armored cable for submarine depths of up to 3,000 meters. Another innovation has been the development of digital devices for power grid monitoring, an area in which Prysmian is on the cutting edge with the PRY-CAM technology. Following the integration of the acquired Omnisens with Prysmian Electronics, the Group created the new EOSS Division with the objective of further developing this promising niche market capacity expansion at the Italian, Finnish and French plants.

4/1/2022 - The Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract worth approximately €1.2 billion for supplying a full-package 725-km submarine cable interconnector that will directly link the German and U.K. electricity grids for the first time.

A press release said that the order, from NeuConnect Britain Limited and NeuConnect Deutschland GmbH, calls for the turn-key design, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of the 1400 MW submarine and land cable system. It will connect two of Europe’s largest energy markets, promoting the efficient use and integration of renewable energy generation resources in both Germany and the U.K.

The NeuConnect interconnector is a privately financed project developed by a group of international investors that include Meridiam, Allianz Capital Partners and Kansai Electric Power, and is contingent on the successful tendering of the converter station and financing agreements for the project.

“When completed in the coming years, NeuConnect will join the world’s longest interconnectors,” said Hakan Ozmen, EVP Projects, Prysmian Group. “Moreover, it is one of the first interconnectors to be financed through a project financing arrangement, demonstrating that the major infrastructure projects needed to deliver the sustainable energy goals in Europe are supported by private investment.”

The project shall deliver the cable connection along a route which runs between the U.K. converter station located on the Isle of Grain in Kent (U.K.), passing through the U.K., Dutch and German waters to the landing point in Lower Saxony in Germany, where it will connect with the converter station near Wilhelmshaven. The NeuConnect project shall provide major energy transmission infrastructure that shall contribute to the wider European goals for increased availability of economically beneficial, sustainable, and secure electrical power.

Prysmian will provide the complete cable system to be operated at ±525kV HVDC utilizing mass-impregnated (MI) paper insulated cables, and include fiber optic cables on the land and selected submarine sections, complemented with state-of-the-art cable monitoring systems that shall support the monitoring, maintenance and services to be provided during the warranty period.

The submarine and land power cables will be manufactured at Prysmian’s Arco Felice factory near Naples, Italy. Offshore installation activities will involve three of the Group’s own cable-laying vessels. Commissioning of the project is scheduled in the second half of the decade.

The NeuConnect project joins the latest record-breaking awards to the Prysmian Group and follows projects such as Viking Link, the connection currently under installation between Denmark and U.K., as well as the recent successful awards of the major framework contract by Terna developing a more robust power grid in Italy and the strategic link connecting Saudi Arabia and Egypt by SEC and EETC respectively.

11/4/21 – The Prysmian Group has received a Notice to Proceed for an approximately €200 million contract to supply a submarine power cable system for the Vineyard Wind 1 offshore wind farm that will account for 134 km of power cable.

A press release said that the order is a milestone in the development of the offshore wind farm sector in the U.S. as Vineyard will include 62 wind turbines and will generate 800 megawatts of electricity annually and power over 400,000 homes. Under the contract awarded in 2019, by Vineyard Wind, LLC, a U.S. offshore wind development owned by funds of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and by Avangrid Renewables (part of the Iberdrola Group), Prysmian Group will develop a submarine power cable system project which will deliver clean energy to the mainland power grid.

The Group is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of an HVAC (High Voltage Alternating Current) cable system composed of two 220 kV three-core cables using extruded XLPE insulation. The submarine cables will be produced in Prysmian Group’s centers of excellence in Pikkala, Finland, and Arco Felice, Italy. Installation operations will be performed by Prysmian Group’s state-of-the-art cable laying vessels Cable Enterprise and Ulisse. Delivery and commissioning of the project are scheduled for Q4 2023.

Prysmian will also provide PRY-CAM permanent monitoring solutions, the Group’s breakthrough technology that allows on-line, accurate and reliable in-depth information helping electric assets owners to increase uptime, asset longevity and safety, while reducing maintenance costs and risks.

“The resumption of the vineyard project confirms the acceleration of the United States towards the energy transition,” said Hakan Ozmen, EVP Projects, Prysmian Group. “Prysmian aims at playing a key role in the development and upgrade of power grid infrastructures to support the transition to renewable energy sources in the U.S. We have state-of-the-art cable technology, large production and installation assets, as well as a wide presence and track record in the U.S.”

8/9/21  Prysmian Group proudly launched their first Global eNclusion Week, a five-day digital initiative with 50+ events and 120 speakers highlighting the importance of building diverse and inclusive workspaces. The series of digital panels and workshops focused on four main themes: Gender Diversity; Diversity & Inclusion (in all forms); Inclusive Culture in the workplace; and Generational Diversity & Inclusion. Over 4,600 participants attended with almost a third of the participants joining six or more events.

The highest attended North America session was How to be a Better Ally, which featured Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene of From Privilege to Progress. The duo shared the impactful story of the day they met – when two Black men were unjustly arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks while waiting for a friend – and the conversation that incident sparked for them and the rest of the world. Throughout the session, attendees learned about checking their unexamined biases, in the workplace and everywhere, and steps to take to become a better ally.

Other North America sessions featured Prysmian Group employees and experts from partner companies. Panels discussed supporting the LGBTQ+ community, the importance of inclusion in every employee’s day-to-day job, how the pandemic challenged the mindset of management to embrace a new approach, appreciating all generations and inclusive hiring.

The week-long event, held May 12-21, showcased education, listening and acceptance and is just one phase in the company’s overall diversity and inclusion strategy put forth by their Side by Side program. As the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, the company accepts the responsibility to embody a more inclusive culture.


5/14/2021: The Prysmian Group will display its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion through its first Global eNclusion Week, a five-day digital event that will take place from 17 to 21 May, featuring a series of digital panels and workshops on the importance and advantages of building diverse and inclusive workspaces. The program will focus on four main themes: Gender Diversity; Diversity & Inclusion in all its forms; Inclusive Culture in the workplace; and Generational D&I.

The Global eNclusion Week opens Monday, May 17, with remarks from Fabrizio Rutschmann, Prysmian Group CHRO, followed by speeches by: Valerio Battista, Prysmian Group CEO; Mimi Kung, Prysmian Group Independent Board Member; Eric Rondolat, Signify CEO; Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez, Sycomore Asset Management; Maria Cristina Bifulco, Chief Sustainability Officer & IR Director Prysmian Group; and Massimo Battaini, Prysmian Group COO. The Global eNclusion Week will offer the opportunity to know more about how countries, companies and associations are promoting Diversity & Inclusion around the world.

To register for the event, use this address: https://twitter.com/PrysmianGroup/status/1390264163780505600/photo/1

With the participation of an international and multicultural community, this initiative will feature one week of events open to everyone, where speakers from different industries and with different background will share their knowledge and best practices related to Diversity & Inclusion.
“We strongly believe that leveraging on gender, age and cultural diversity means creating more value and we are constantly building a work environment where all our employees can feel understood, respected and included, just as they are. This event is more than an aspiration: it is a necessity, or better, a business case for a Group that has to work with customers, suppliers and shareholders with different backgrounds and cultures. In order to improve this approach, it is necessary to raise awareness and build a positive dialogue, which can contribute to advancing the Group’s corporate culture," said Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief HR Officer Prysmian Group.

Prysmian Group's goal is to further enhance its human capital, which can be found in its some 28,000 employees worldwide. The increase in the percentage of women, both among white-collar workers and at the level of top managers, is among the sustainability parameters to which the payment of the company managers’ variable remuneration has been linked.

As evidence of the strategic importance of gender and cultural diversity, Prysmian has also set up a new global Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, tasked with overseeing the achievement of the objectives that the Group has set itself. The Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee has the responsibility to define D&I objectives at each organizational level and support the definition of the actions to achieve and to promote a cultural change to facilitate Diversity & Inclusion within the work environment. The Committee is composed by Prysmian Turkey Human Resources Director Aysun Kalmik, acting as Leader, and Product Development Manager of the Lincoln (Rhode Island) plant Prasha Sarwate, as Deputy Leader.

In order to improve the gender balance in its workforce, the Group has committed to achieving the following Diversity & Inclusion objectives by 2022:

• Ensuring 40% of women hired (female white collars hired with a permanent contract) on total hirings (34% in 2020 compared to 30% in 2016);
• Increasing from 21.9% to 25% the percentage of women managers (from junior to top positions);
• Improving gender balance with regard to executive positions: from 6% in 2016 to 18% in 2022.

In addition, fundamental indicators (e.g., security) have been implemented in all the Groups’ 104 plants.

Prysmian Group believes in the value of individuals, backgrounds, leadership styles and attitudes because each person has the potential to generate value to the Company. Its global footprint enables the Group to promote an inclusive environment, encouraging the development of corporate culture and identity. Side by Side is Prysmian Group’s project that promotes Diversity & Inclusion across the organization.

4/6/2021: The Prysmian Group will supply 770 km of submarine telecom cables for the Norte Conectado project—awarded by RNP, Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa, a Brazilian Internet provider—that will connect the city of Macapá to Santarém and Alenquer, which are located in the north of the Amazon region.

A press release said that Prysmian will provide its widely used MINISUB of repeaterless, optic submarine cables. They have a high fiber count that will be deployed in four separated links, enabling a reliable flow of data traffic to 9.2 million households. The project will enable connectivity cross 59 municipalities in northern Brazil, and makes it possible to extend it to other Amazonian countries. The cables will be produced at Prysmian’s plant in Nordenham, Germany, and delivered in the second half of 2021.

“We are honored to contribute to this valuable project and support sustainable development by improving the data connectivity for the local communities and public institutions,” said Prysmian Group Submarine Telecom BU Director Ashutosh Bhargavas. “Prysmian has been operating in Brazil for more than 90 years and is in the unique position to serve its customers directly from there.”

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