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Harsh environment cable needed

8 years 3 weeks ago #603 by Archived Forum Admin
I am looking for a cable supplier that can meet some harsh environmental requirements.
- Steam autoclave for 1,000 cycles (273F - 20min + pressure and vacuum)
- crush tests (heavy wheeled equipment rolling over a cable)
- highly flexible (cable shouild not hinder surgeons ability to steer the product)
- need a slippery or slick jacket material. The tackiness of pure silicone is objectionable.

I find people that can meet the autoclave and crush with silicone but then I have the "tacky" issue. I find people that have silicopne "alloys" that meet autoclave and are slick but then don't meet the crush requirement. Considered the Paralene coating approach but my customer claims bad experience with this. Thye say that Paralene coatings to achieve the slick surface, do not hold up for the 1,000 cycles.

Please help me win this business.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #604 by Archived Forum Admin
Although this is an old thread, I bumped into this page on the Internet earlier this morning:


After reading this, you may wish to contact the C & M Corporation to see if they can provide a solution to your requirement.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

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