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1K Mbps in modem but >500 in router! PLEASE HELP!

1 year 17 hours ago - 11 months 4 weeks ago #3008 by Mr Aplam Chaplam, Jr
I recently switch to Fiber from ATT and got the BGW210-700. speed tested it and it fact is 1000( 968Mbps). However, I still want to use my NightHawk x10 as my main router that control the DHCP pool, BUT! it's only getting less than 500 Mbps.

The modem (BGW210-700) is on Ip Passthrough mode with DHCPS fixed to my router and all the firewall settings off, and both modem and router are using Cat 6 cables, and I'm still receiving less than 500mbps ( I did a speed test within the router and it saying it's only receiving less than 500mbps ).

I need your help to find out how to get 1000Mbps to my router, is there mose settings i have to turn on or something? or soemthing that I'm doing wrong? please help. thanks! https://ovo.fyi/youjizz/ https://ovo.fyi/pornhub/ https://ovo.fyi/brazzers/
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