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Why You Should Familiarize Yourself With Fiber Optics Skills

7 months 3 weeks ago #3043 by Mr hfxcfi bertools
Many technicians think that if you are not working on large systems the Fiber Optic Plc Splitter for signal transmission is a moot point. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A tech with a little fiber optics skills, knowledge and training can offer a great performance option to the customers and sales prospects.

This month we’ll look at some of the basics that can start you on your way to gaining confidence in proposing and installing fiber optics configurations.

First, a story. A customer wanted to have a new parking lot camera installed. The security contractor had proposed installing a camera using fiber optic cabling 1x8 plc splitter sc/apc for the video signal transmission, with one of the advantages being a reduced chance of lightning damage. Additionally, using light to transmit the signal would eliminate any possibility of the outside influence of electrical noise.

The overall cable run between camera and buildings was 350 feet. Plus open conduit was available, making fiber even more attractive. The system was installed and connections carefully completed. However, when the camera was fired up it did not show on the console.

Several techs with various experience levels were brought out to fix the problem. After checking and redoing the connections, still no success. What could be the issue?

Well with a little basic fiber optics 1x8 plc splitter sc/upc knowledge this problem could have been foreseen and corrected in the configuration proposal stage, thereby preventing this frustration for the security dealer, techs and most importantly the customer.

Before getting into the specifics of 1x16 plc splitter sc/apc systems (FOS), I want to remind you to be well acquainted with the particular components and configurations of the network you will be installing and testing. Determine in advance the tools and testing equipment you’ll need for the job and know exactly how to use them before you arrive at the test site. Here’s a look at some of the necessary FOS fundamentals.

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