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ductility of high carbon steel

5 years 10 months ago #2631 by Mr richard webb
We have been trying for months to draw high carbon steel down to size .032 and reach a ksi of atleast 360.Sounds easy enough right? The catch is that it has to pass a bend test also. this means it has to wrap around itself atleast 5xs and unwrap without breaking.
we have tested several different types of rod and different carbons by simply "one holeing it" by that i mean taking a ring of the rod and drawing it down then changing the die and pulling it thru again.
We finally got the wire to pass but then after we actually ran the machine it no longer passes the wrap test? We are using a 16 hole line up on frigerio drawing machines with full cooling on the blocks and dies and dry lube @ 200fpm..
Any ideas why it would now fail?
thanks in advance for any advice

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5 years 9 months ago #2637 by Eduardo Anaya
Use a SAE-AISI 1080 steel rod, draw it to .120" , heat treat the wire by the process known as pattenting, once the .120" is pattented , draw it dawn to finnal size .032" , it should have a tensile on the 360 KSI an a good ductility

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