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Lubricant on wire test

5 years 4 weeks ago - 5 years 4 weeks ago #2785 by Ing Luciano Perasso

Is there a test determine the amount of lubricant on the wire surface that can be made in the production line?
We usually do a test by taking a sample of the wire to the lab. Clean it and do a weight difference analysis but it takes too much time.


Steel Wire Drawing Process Information
Inlet 5,50mm
Oulet: 2,00mm
6 reduction steps
Output speed: 4,5 m/s
Wire rod steel grade: SAE 1513

Use of wire: Production of welding wire after a 2nd redraw in a wet drawing machine. Final wire diameter: 0,80mm
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3 years 10 months ago #2903 by Iordanis Pavlidis
You may wash the wire boiling ch2cl2, liquifying it with a heat exchanger and washing with it the wire (continous cycle). Then evaporate ch2cl2 and measure remaining lubricant that you collect in a bottle. 1kg of wire is enough. Your scale should be able to measure mgrs.

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