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Memory Free Steel Wire

2 years 1 month ago #2956 by Faisal Mehmood
I am looking to learn more about Memory Free steel wire. If anyone can guide me in the right direction. In order to develop a sample, the only information I have to begin with is as follows:

1.Tensile strength at break strength is > 190 kg/mm^2
2.Tensile Modulus > 5000 kg.mm^2
3.Coating Thickness meu 25 +/- 15
4.Bonding Grade 1
5.Surface Grade 1
6.straightness (Arc height) mm/1m < 200

please see the attached doc for more info.

What is the composition(chemistry) of this material. Can it be produced by standard cold working process?

Faisal Mahmood

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2 years 1 month ago #2959 by Peter J Stewart-Hay
From Dan Heidel

"Memory alloys can have their atoms arranged in two different atomic lattice arrangements. All metals have different atomic arrangements they can take on but usually they have stable ranges that are separated by very large temperature variations. With the memory alloys, the amount of energy required to shift lattice arrangements is very low.

When you bend them, the physical force triggers the lattice rearrangement wherever the metal is being compressed or stretched (forget which) which give the metal a tremendous ability to reversibly bend.

Some memory alloys just snap back to the original shape when released. I had a pair of glass frames years back that were like this. You could wrap the arms of the glasses around your finger like a corkscrew and they would snap back to the original shape as soon as you let go.

This particular alloy requires a small temperature shift to go back to the original lattice configuration. Tossing the metal into hot water triggers it and it goes back to the original configuration."

I also understand that because of the above,"memory free" steel wire is very stable over very large temperature variations as per the above definition. Thus it is the converse.to the above definition.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay Principal
Stewart-Hay Associates
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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