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Re-drawing of hard wire

7 years 7 months ago #1574 by Archived Forum Admin
Hi, does any one has experience to re draw Cu hard wire, the only problem we are facing is entangling from the basket pay off, about 1 m.t. load, cannot run the line to required speed due to entangling, did fix die, and made guide rotating with wire, but still facing the issue, do you thing if we increase the height it will help, or if any other suggestion. Thanks


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7 years 7 months ago #1575 by Archived Forum Admin
Hello there,

If your coiler at the first drawing operation is working properly, the wire for the second drawing operation should be lifting from the basket in a smooth (no kinking) helical coil which is guided up in the air through a smooth circular guide ring with about an 18 inch diameter located some 24 to 30 inches or so from the guide die and then up to the guide die itself. Following that, the wire should go up over a light but large diameter roller tangential to the guide die and then down to the second drawing machine on not too sharp an angle. Another circular roller and guide then put the wire on the wire centerline of the drawing machine.

It is almost impossible for us to troubleshoot your equipment by computer from another continent so you must.

A) Follow the wire line from the basket carefully to make sure there are no spots where the wire could hang up, jump and become tangled.

B) Make sure that the wire is not kinking because the helix described above is either too long or too short.

C) Try to determine when this is happening. At the beginning of the coil, the middle of the coil or at the end.

D) Contact the coiler manufacturer to review their recommendation for the positioning of the ring guide and guide die holder at subsequent operations. (Perhaps they supplied the guide ring and die holder.) The diameter and height of their basket and the line speed of the pay-off wire are also very important discussions points.

This is about all we can do from afar. There is no magic in this process, just careful observations.

I hope this helps you and good luck.

We also note that your IP Number certainly does not match with your Profile. Are you working or consulting over there?

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

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