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Annealer cooling problem

6 years 7 months ago #1800 by Archived Forum Admin
Dear All,

Please, we have problem when cooling copper wire as it exits the annealer section.

I need inform you that our drawing machine runs with 2 wires but the problem is that one wire its exits hot but the other exits at normal temperature.

When we check the steam pressure, it is good and steam is continuously supplied. The chiller water temperature is about 28C(82.4F) as we are in Saudi Arabia

Likewise, after one hour the color of the copper wire is black and much to hard.

Please I need help.


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6 years 7 months ago #1801 by Archived Forum Admin
Hello jankar,

Sorry this was not answered earlier but you posted this in the WAI Webinars Division which we do not follow. I accidentally noticed it and moved it this morning.

Your information is interesting but not contradictory.

Just so you know, the steam in the annealer is there to prevent oxygen combining with the surface of the copper wire in the annealing section and turning the hot wire black. Protecting the copper from oxygen is the only function of the steam.

Having one wire exit the annealer hot and the other exit OK suggests that the water cooling leg of the annealer is not working properly. Check the pump and rotor plus the wipes. Check the supply piping, water channels and outlets for blockage. It seems as if the water is not properly getting to one channel of the cooling leg.

The lack of proper cooling in one cooling channel of the cooling leg of the annealer will allow the hot wire on the reel to turn black. (Oxidize)

As far as the hard wire is concerned, I think someone turned the annealing voltage down because the wire was turning black. First solve the cooling problem, then restore the annealing voltage.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
519 641- 3212

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