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Cable packaging

6 years 7 months ago #1907 by Archived Forum Admin
Looking for a packaging system and Equipment supplier to provide information regarding coiling of insulated cables which when dispensed from the package, do not impart any twist during pay out .
Primary application is Speaker , STP / Control type Cable products.
Need a very quick response , please.
Thank you.

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6 years 7 months ago #1908 by Archived Forum Admin
If you dereel or doff wire from a static spool or package it will always impart a twist in the wire. It doesn't matter if it comes from the inside of the package or the outside of the package. If you can roll the wire off or rotate the package while the wire is pulled off, then a twist will not occur.

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6 years 7 months ago #1909 by Archived Forum Admin
Although Spectre's response is absolutely correct in the traditional sense, there is one very good company that produces machinery which creates a coil that imparts no twist when the wire is unwound, inertia free and without rotation, from the inside of the coil.

The machine is high speed and not cheap. It is used to make pay off coils for data cable, telephone cable for houses, and building wire. You can see a few of the various sized cardboard packages that hold these coils at any big box hardware center or at any electrical distributor.

When the coil is manufactured, a radial opening for a polymeric wire guide (Also supplied by the company.) to bring the wire from the inside the coil is "woven" into the coil by microprocessor control.

The analogy as to the way it works is to think of creating a figure 8 on the ground with wire and then picking it up at the spot where the wires cross each other. (At the center of the figure 8 so to speak.) This would give you two coils of continuous wire, side by side with one twisted left and one twisted right. Thus there is no algebraic twist when the wire is pulled out from the inside of of the coil because the opposite direction of each coil cancels the twists out.

In real life, the coil is spooled on a mandrel and the key to the process is a very high speed traverse so that the left/ right coil effect is achieved. We are sure you can now visualize this in your mind knowing the analogy above. The cross over position is also adjusted around the circumference of the coil by microprocessor control both to maintain the coil dimensions and to "weave" the hole for the wire guide.

The company you say? Windings Inc. at www.reelex.com/

I think this is all the information you require.

Kindest regards,
Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

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