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Wire insulator machinery

6 years 7 months ago #1942 by Archived Forum Admin
I am new to this forum and first of all I want to say hello to everybody here and also that I am not english mother language so please do not look at my grammar too closely.

I am here because I am seeking informations about wire manifacturing machinery .

I have a project in mind and it require a component that is similar to an electrical cable , except it will not carry electricity., All the rest is similar, as a copper core about 1,5mm diameter and a plastic gilde about 2mm thick .

That's why I am seeking inside in the electrical machinery industry

I am trying to understand what machine to be used, plastic extruder, yes but which one,) if there exist a machinery to build small quantities of cable,who build such machinery.
In fewer words I need some guidance to be introduced in a field where I know very little.

I hope I have explained that what I need anyway is not a critical plan since no electricity is involved but the simplest basic machinery would do the work with some minor adjusment.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Regards
Tonel J.

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6 years 7 months ago #1943 by Archived Forum Admin
Welcome Tonel,

First off, for a quick primer on the basic wire insulating process - get Vol 1 and 2 of the new Electrical Wire Handbook from the WAI Bookstore. I am sure there is a lot of relevant info in there for you.

Second, look in the Virtual Trade Show of Wirenet.org and check into machinery manufacturers (like my company). Your information is still very vague. Be prepared to answer these questions (or post your answers here as well):
1. What is the insulation material?
2. At what speed will this need to run?
3. How is the core packaged?
4. What will be the takeup package method?
5. Is this the only process or are further processing steps required after extrusion? (e.g. braiding, jacketing, packaging, printing)
6. Are there any major testing parameters to worry about?
7. What is production requirement per month?

Be prepared to have a detailed drawing of the construction available. If it is proprietary, make sure that you have covered your legal obligations by getting signed non disclosure agreements before you proceed too far.

With all that said, the basic process is to take the center core and provide a means of paying off into the line. The extruder size and configuration is dependent on the insulation materal and the amount of throughput desired - note that sometimes the smallest extruder is not the best answer for small runs. Depending on the exact configuration of the structure being made will determine the crosshead style. From here it gets simpler: you need a cooling section, a capstan to pull the product through the crosshead and finally a takeup to put the product onto a spool coil or carrier. There are potential other items but again, this becomes dependent on your specific requirements.

Erik Macs
VP North American Machinery Sales
Fine International Corporation
148 Oak Street
Natick, MA 01760 USA
508-315-8200 fax: 508-315-3621
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