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Annealer Wiring Instructions

7 years 8 months ago #2282 by Archived Forum Admin
Hello to all,
I am new to the field of CU drawing/ annealing. I am experiencing difficulty with a Syncro (I believe a c-13), annealer with a built in preheater.
My problem is that we have no wiring diagram for these units. I checked both machines and found that the wiring to each sheave(band) is different. I assume that the first three bands are annealing bands, and the last two are preheat.
I've searched the net for information when I discovered this site. Where can I obtain wire schematics for these relics??

Kevin Carriere

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7 years 8 months ago #2283 by Archived Forum Admin
Hello Kevin,

The first place I would look is Ceeco-Bartell in the USA. www.ceecomfg.com/cs_03.html

The second place to try would be the Winget-Syncro division of Cable Machinery Spares in England. www.wingetsyncro.co.uk/

A third place you might get information from is the former employees from Ceeco, Roteq Machinery Inc.in Canada. www.roteqmachinery.com/

I am not exactly sure which annealer you are talking about but I suspect it is a Syncro C-3 annealer for intermediate wire sizes such as telephone wire (26 to 19 AWG). The final two sheaves may be reheat to bring the wire up to some temperature prior to tandemized extrusion.

When an electric, in-line annealer is equipped with a reheating section that section is normally called reheat because, at the annealer, the wire is preheated, annealed, cooled, dried and then reheated.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

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