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Water removing device

6 years 5 months ago #2367 by Archived Forum Admin
Please suggest me suitable device for water drop removing from running insulated wire at 200- 400 MPM in insulation line, wire diameter is from 1.2-6 MM.


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6 years 5 months ago #2368 by Archived Forum Admin
An air wipe is the most commonly used item to remove water on insulated wire lines. In essence, air jets are pointed in the opposite direction of the wire. The clamshell style units use compressed air. The orifice size is matched close to the size of the final wire diameter to maximize efficiency of the wipe. There are also vacuum style units which are much more expensive but in certain cases can provide better wiping due to the warmer air generated by the regenerative blower. Compressed air style wipes can easily handle the line speeds you mention.

Manufacturers of air wipes include Huestis, Marldon and MGS. The addresses and contact info for these and others can be found in the Virtual Tradeshow section of this website.


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