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The Book of Terms

The Book of TermsThe WJI Book of Wire & Cable Terms: an interactive experience of learning and sharing
This book, written by industry volunteers and containing more than 5,000 entries, is an asset for newcomers to wire and cable.

At the same time, it also represents an opportunity for industry veterans to give back by either updating or adding to the more than 5,000 entries. This is an honor system process. Entries/updates must be non-commercial, and any deemed not to be so will be removed. Share your expertise as part of this legacy project to help those who will follow. Purchase a printed copy here.


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Designation for a constant used in many engineering equations. A typical use in the equation for insulation where K denotes insulation resistance.


Designation for kilo Ampere.


A trade name for a polymide film manufactured by DuPont that is used in tape form where the wire product insulation is to be used for high temperature applications and where a lightweight is important.


Designation for kilocycle. Replaced by kiloHertz.


Designation for one thousand circular mils (MCM).

Kel F

High temperature insulation used on hook-up wire and for tubing where temperatures are beyond the range of PVC, and where resistance to solvents is needed. It has excellent electrical properties and a useful temperature range of –240 to 200°C (-400 to 400°F).

Kelvin (K)

The basic SI unit of temperature: 1/273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

Kelvin Bridge

Conductivity bridge used to precisely measure electrical conductivity of the finished rod product. The specimen under test must be completely submerged in the insulating transformer oil. It is kept in the oil a minimum of 30 minutes prior to performing the test. See Bridge.

Kerosene-Rolled Finish

The finish obtained by cold rolling with kerosene, soap or soluble-oil as a lubricant, giving a semi-burnished appearance.


DuPont’s trade name for aramid material. See Aramid Yarn.

Kevlar Yarn

See Aramid Yarn.


The mechanical feature of a connector system that guarantees correct orientation of a connection, or prevents the connection to a jack, or to an optical fiber adapter of the same type intended for another purpose.

Keystone Strand Wire Rope

A type of rope in which the wires of the strands are of a keystone or wedge shape, so arranged that when the rope is in use the wear is evenly distributed over its outside surface.


Designation for KiloHertz.


A naturally occurring form of magnesium sulfate.

Killed Steel

Steel that has been deoxidized by such materials as aluminum or ferrosilicon so that gas is not generated during solidification.

Killed Wire

Wire that has had a tendency to spring away from coil form, and has been processed to lie dead flat in the coil. One method to kill the wire is to pass it through a set of pulleys or pegs so arranged as to eliminate or kill the tendency of the wire to spring. See Dressing.


A numerical prefix denoting 1000.


One thousand cycles. See Kilohertz.


One thousand hertz, or one thousand cycles per second.

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