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More than 25,000 Prysmian employees will be eligible for company profit-sharing

6/2/2022 –

Italy’s Prysmian Group has launched an innovative share-based variable remuneration and profit-sharing plan in company shares, aimed potentially at more than 25,000 employees between blue and white collar workers of the Group, in over 35 countries.

A press release said that the measure was approved at a shareholders meeting. The current plan, to run for 2022 to 2024, provides for the allocation of a maximum of 3,000,000 shares. The goal was to enable a broad base of employees, mainly blue collar workers, to share in the creation of value that the Group hopes to generate in the coming years.

“We are a genuine public company and it is key for us to align the interests of all stakeholders, from employees to shareholders, around the common goal of creating long-term sustainable value,” said Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista. “To achieve this goal, it is therefore essential to involve those who are not recipients of share-based incentive plans usually reserved for managers and executives, such as stock options.”

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