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Cimteq and AESA Cortaillod launch partnership at wire Düsseldorf 2022

8/2/2022 -  

U.K.-based Cimteq and Swiss-based AESA Cortaillod held the official launch of their partnership at Wire Düsseldorf, where the companies explained how doing so would enable them to offer unrivaled service to manufacturers.

A statement said that Cimteq’s CableBuilder Enterprise and AESA Cortaillod’s quality management software, CIQ, together present a unified cable testing solution from product design direct to cable testing equipment. The partnership of their combined capabilities will enable customers on both sides to attain increased profitability, improved quality and savings in materials. Manufacturers will have greater control of the complex management of cable-design data, from the initial design concept to delivering the full bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system, while having an ongoing understanding of a cable’s performance through accurate testing.

“By seamlessly interconnecting CableBuilder Enterprise and CIQ through a single and universal interface, it is possible to simplify the overall handling of extensive design and production data pools,” said Cimteq Director Amanda Shehab. “This represents a quantum step towards the ‘smart factory,’ with the ultimate goal of closing the loop from the initial cable design concept to production and delivery, resulting in significant raw material savings, improvements in quality, and major productivity gains.”

AESA Cortaillod CEO Vincent Albert-Engels said that the company’s CIQ quality management system supports traceability features as well as extended quality improvement and data management capabilities. “In very real terms, it opens a window on to the shop floor by tracking process and test data, not to mention production history. Its integration with CableBuilder Enterprise will have significant benefits for our clients; not least that automatically pulling data from CableBuilder will mean a lot less data to set up inside CIQ.”


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