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Japanese insulator supplier admits to history of faking reports to customers

The president of Ube Industries, a Japanese chemical company whose products include polyethylene products used for some cables, admitted that his company has provided doctored reports to customers.

Per an on-line report in The Japan Times, Yuzuru Yamamoto said that the company has skipped quality-control checks for some of its low-density polyethylene products since the 1990s at its plant in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. The products, used to insulate power and telecommunications cables, were sold by Ube-Maruzen Polyethylene Co., a joint venture with Maruzen Petrochemical Co., to 50 clients that included wire makers.

The company admitted to not doing the required reports and providing bogus inspection reports to customers that needed them for their reporting requirement. After detecting the problem last December, the company said it conducted checkups to make sure there were no problems in product quality before briefing the clients.

Ube Industries said it has set up a panel of lawyers and outside directors to investigate the matter. “We deeply apologize for causing great inconvenience to those concerned,” Yamamoto said.

Read 1843 times Last modified on March 9, 2018