This year, for the first time, the German Association for Consumer Studies (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien, DtGV) is presenting the “SME Innovation Award 2021/2022” to small and medium-sized companies from Germany that demonstrate particularly high innovation potential in their segment and/or state. For the selection, the number of all patent applications of German SMEs in 2020 was first determined based on the Corporate Patent Classification (CPC) system. The basic parameter patent number was finally rounded off by the qualitative moment of the citation frequency and condensed into a score value. SIKORA receives the award, as the company achieved a score value in the CPC main class “instruments”, which is among the top 10 % of all examined SMEs. In the parallel federal state ranking SIKORA is furthermore listed among the top 3 companies from Bremen.

“This award makes us very proud and confirms the corporate course we have been following since the foundation of the company,” said Sikora CEO Dr. Christian Frank. He added, “Thanks to our inventive spirit and innovation potential, we are able to continuously offer our customers future-oriented technology solutions. Thus, we create the basis for highest customer satisfaction and long-term growth.”