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Gem Gravure President and CEO David J. Gemelli passes at age 71

David J. Gemelli, who was both a successful business man and as kind, caring and generous a person the wire and cable industry has ever seen, died Monday, Dec. 10, at age 71, leaving behind a sterling legacy for Gem Gravure Co., Inc., the family business.

Gemelli worked at American Optical Corporation and Polaroid before joining Gem Gravure, a supplier of marking technology, in 1976. He worked alongside his father and Gem founder, Joseph Gemelli, and took over when his dad died in 1989. Under his direction, the company became an industry leader by its introduction of high speed Teflon bandmarking and winning awards such as top OEM from Domino Inkjet and "The Flame" award from Lucent Technologies for development of patented products. Over the years, he increased revenues by more than 30 times.

Gemelli, who played football at the University of Vermont and earned an MBA from the University of Arizona, stood tall in terms of his accomplishments in the wire and cable industry and the Association. A WAI Life Member, he served in multiple positions, including as president in 1994. In 1999, he won the Association’s Donnellan Memorial Award, which recognizes an individual’s contributions to the industry. That same year, he was a recipient of the Wire and Cable Manufacturers Alliance (WCMA) Distinguished Career Award.

Gemelli was much beloved, well-known for his generosity, kindness and dedication to the industry and his many friends and colleagues. He enjoyed being able to give people opportunities and help them succeed. A huge sports fan, he was very generous with his Boston Red Sox season tickets, which often were prizes in charity raffles. He was very active with the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame and was inducted into it in 2004.

Gemelli is survived by his wife, Carol; a daughter, Beth, sons, Paul and Brian, who will continue the family business; a sister, Nancy Dwyer; a brother, Mark; three grandchildren; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

The January Wire Journal International issue will have an extended obituary.

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