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Whitmor/Wirenetics sold to BJG

Whitmor/Wirenetics, a custom cable manufacturer based in California, has been acquired by BJG Electronics Group, Inc. (BJG).

In a brief announcement at the Whitmor/Wirenetics website, it states the following. “Long Island, New York based-electronics distributor and Rockwood portfolio company BJG Electronics, Inc. (BJG), along with its affiliates, announced today the acquisition of Whitmor/Wirenetics. Headquartered in Valencia, California, Whitmor/Wirenetics has been a leading provider of high-performance wire, cable and tubing to the military, aerospace and satellite industries for more than 50 years.”

Connector Tech LLC was described in a later announcement as “a Montana-based value-added distributor of high-reliability electronic interconnect products.”

“The combined BJG Electronics Group line card now offers a true ‘one-stop’ solution for OEMs, harness houses and box builders in the military, aerospace and related harsh environment markets,” said a statement from BJG Electronics Group President Rick Flora. The People section on p. 26 has more details on personnel.

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