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Sheaves sold to Loos & Co.

The Cableware Division of Loos & Co., Inc., reports that the company has acquired Sheaves, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of pulleys and sheaves to the wire and wire rope industry.

A press release said that the deal broadens the solutions that the Cableware Division, based in Naples, Florida, can provide customers. The acquisition of Sheaves, Inc. unifies three brands known in the wire and wire rope industry under the Loos & Co., Inc. product umbrella. That includes: QSheaves, which supplies customizable lifting sheaves; Process Sheaves, which supplies pulleys used in wire and cable manufacturing; and ESheaves, which will be the source for both stock and custom metal/plastic sheaves.

Operations will continue under the brand names established by Sheaves, Inc., and through the existing websites for the foreseeable future. Sales, customer service, and manufacturing operations have been moved to the Naples, Florida location and shipments will be fulfilled from there.

Read 1315 times Last modified on January 27, 2020