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The Fundamentals: 2nd virtual staging of program again shows positive results

Madison, Connecticut, USA – May 5, 2021 – WAI completed its second virtual presentation of the Association’s Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing (Fundamentals) course, with the courses presented over seven consecutive Wednesdays from March 17 to April 28 drawing a collective 165 attendees.

“The continued strong participation shows the industry need for sound, basic information,” said WAI Executive Director Steve Fetteroll, who observed that the virtual format has also proven to be a good fit for the industry. “While in-person programs presented at Wire Expo or Interwire are ideal, staging them on-line has allowed more companies to allow their employees to participate for a very affordable cost. We will continue to offer Fundamentals at our trade shows, including Interwire 2021, but the virtual version has evolved from an emergency replacement to a full-fledged program that we are proud to offer.”

The presentations included: mechanics of wiredrawing, Matt Reinoehl, SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS; drawing dies, Tom Maxwell, Jr., Die Quip; wiredrawing lubricant properties, David Gzesh, Blachford Corporation; wire breaks and surface damage, Dr. Horace Pops, Horace Pops Consulting; fundamentals of ferrous metallurgy, Anand Bhagwat, Minova USA Inc.; stranding and cabling, Kevin Dancy, Roteq Machinery Inc.; extrusion, Erik Macs, Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.; cleaning and coating of rod and wire, Zach McAfee and Chris Porada, Chemetall North America; ferrous testing and properties, Richard Gordon, C. Richard Gordon Consulting LLC; fundamentals of electrical testing, Casey Spradlin and Erika Akins, Southwire Company, LLC; marking and printing, Mark Spencer, W. Gillies Technologies LLC; ferrous heat treatment, Richard Gordon; manufacturing problem solving, Stacy Martin, Prysmian Group; and an Operations Panel, Jan Sørige, Enkotec; Tom Heberling, Southwire; and Jim York, Insteel Industries, Inc.

The first virtual Fundamentals program, which replaced the program that could not be held when Wire Expo was canceled due to Covid-19, was held over seven consecutive Wednesdays from Sept. 16 to Oct. 28, 2020. The program, which saw two sessions each week that were each 70 minutes long (up from 45 minutes), drew a total of 199 attendees from 28 countries. The format received very positive reviews.

Virtual formatting quickly became a WAI focus due to Covid-19. WAI presented Streamcast on July 15, 2020.The online presentation of 12 industry speakers saw more than 250 individual attendees take part, setting a record for any WAI online event. On Nov. 11, 2020, WAI held a trifecta virtual event that included the Association’s annual clockwinding ceremony, its annual meeting and the 2020 Mordica Lecture by Dr. Gil Baker. A separate three-part webinar series by Dr. Horace Pops in January/February saw all 500 available slots filled before the first one was held.


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