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Elsewedy Electric logs 1st Rwanda order, is also the 1st job for company’s new plant Featured

4/1/2022 - Egypt’s Elsewedy Electric reports two firsts: an order for 185.5 km of cable from a business in Rwanda, and the first order filled by its new plant that is part of the Elsewedy Industrial Complex.

A press release said that the company officially entered Rwanda’s market through an EPC contract with the Rwanda Energy Group through EPC Africa and its subsidiary Afrilott LTD. An EPC contract is one that is used to undertake construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects.

Elsewedy Electric supplied 185.5 km of ACSR OH cables that will be used to support Rwanda’s development efforts that have been hindered by growing demand and limited supply. The cables for the contract, the first for the company in Rwanda, were produced from the Elsewedy Industrial Complex, representing the factory’s first order. It was completed before the official inauguration of the plant.

Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley, where the African Great Lakes region and East Africa converge. Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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