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WAI Platinum Member program shows very good results over last 12 months

6/2/2022 -

From last May to this May, the WAI has added a total of 26 new companies to the Association’s Platinum portfolio. The gain is impressive as in 2021 WAI was not able to stage Interwire, which is a strong event for adding members as well as Platinum Members.

Per the Association’s bylaws, WAI membership operates on an individual basis, so the Platinum membership works a bit differently. The Platinum option is a good incentive for companies to register a group of up to five individuals with a slight savings and some additional perks (such as their logo on the homepage of the Association’s website). There is no limit as to how many Platinum groups a company could have. However, the memberships still work as individual ones.

WAI’s total member base now tops 2,000, and is expected to see further growth thanks to the return of in-person events. That number now includes 271 individuals who fall into the Platinum Member category.

One of the new Platinum Member companies—Kimber Kable, a specialist in high-end audio cables owned by WAI Life Member Ray Kimber—described the Association as a dependable resource in professional development and networking. “With the ongoing workforce challenges coupled with the disruptive Covid environment, companies recognize that membership provides high value educational services and a connection to the broader profession. Seeing more companies sign up for Platinum Memberships confirms that we are following a direction that the industry needs and appreciates.”

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