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FENN has acquired the intellectual property of MacBee Engineering

7/3/2022 -  FENN, LLC, to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property of Engineered Machinery Group Inc., which includes the rights to MacBee Engineering Group, and will continue to build and support their product lines.

Per the company, MacBee Engineering, founded in 1966, was known as an American manufacturer of sink and draw machines, drawbenches, payoffs, take-ups, and a variety of ancillary equipment. In 2004, former MacBee Vice President John Stevens purchased MacBee Engineering, adding the MacBee product line to his own company, Engineered Machinery Group.

Although Stevens closed the company in 2013, the MacBee product line continued after being licensed to Steven’s son, who operated his own firm—also named MacBee—until the pandemic forced its closure. Despite the closure, Stevens continued to maintain ownership of all MacBee designs & intellectual property, supporting the product line with his newly formed “John Stevens Consulting” firm. While customers have continued to rely on Stevens for assistance with their MacBee equipment, he was eager to find a new, permanent home for the MacBee rights. This would allow customers to not only purchase new machinery, but also enjoy a greater depth and breadth of service and spare parts availability.

With a similar focus in clientele, industries and equipment, FENN was a natural fit. “MacBee’s wire and tube focused product lines are an excellent complement to our existing drawbench, swager and wire shaping offerings. We look forward to utilizing FENN’s existing infrastructure to continue providing MacBee equipment, service, and spare parts for MacBee customers,” said FENN President Ryan Cutter. ”

With more than 50 years of experience with wire & tube machinery, Stevens will join FENN as a consultant to continue supporting MacBee product lines. “I am excited to work with the FENN team to continue building and supporting MacBee machinery. I am thrilled to see the MacBee legacy continue with FENN’s resources, support and guidance,” he said.

Customers with immediate MacBee inquiries can contact FENN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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