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Aluminum Association applauds DoC action to thwart aluminum foil from China

7/3/2022 - 

The Aluminum Association (AA) fully supports steps announced by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) to prevent aluminum foil from China to evade restrictions by shipping through Thailand and South Korea.

In a statement, AA President and CEO Charles Johnson said that the imports in question are inappropriately avoiding the payment of antidumping and countervailing duties on imports of aluminum foil from China, pursuant to unfair trade orders published by the Commerce Department in April 2018. “We commend the Commerce Department for taking this important step to enforce our trade laws. We look forward to working closely with the department to ensure a successful outcome as these inquiries progress.”

The Commerce Department will soon issue questionnaires to suspected duty evaders, provide opportunities for interested parties to submit information relevant to the agency’s proceedings and issue a preliminary determination, which will likely occur in the coming months. The investigation is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

The aluminum foil subject to the inquiry is flat-rolled aluminum products that are 0.2 mm or less, in reels weighing more than 25 pounds, are produced in China and finished in Thailand and South Korea. The foil is used in multiple products, including cables.

The prior DoC measures included antidumping and countervailing (AD/CVD) that carried combined penalties ranging from 55 to 176%. Since those orders were published, U.S. imports of certain aluminum foil from China declined substantially, but Chinese exports of foil and sheet-gauge products to Thailand and South Korea increased significantly.

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