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Prysmian reaches accord for patent dispute

The Prysmian Group announced the company has settled proceedings for a patent infringement and invalidity in Germany with FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd. (FiberHome), a Chinese equipment vendor and global solution provider that offers services in the field of information technology and telecom.

A press release said that Prysmian Group claimed that FiberHome products infringed the German designations of Prysmian’s European Patents EP 2390700 B1 and EP 1,668,392B1 for fiber optic cables. In response, FiberHome initiated nullity proceedings against the Patents before the German Federal Patent Court.

The European Patent EP ‘392 relates to telecom optical cables, and in particular to a telecom optical cable with a highly reduced diameter. The European Patent EP ‘700 relates to optical fiber telecom cables, particularly an optimized stranded optical cable design.

The proceedings were issued by Prysmian Group in July 2020 before the District Court of Munich. Following extensive discussions, the Prysmian Group and FiberHome reached a mutual agreement on terms in relation to product sales happened before the agreement date (whereas future product sales are not covered by the agreement). On the basis of a net balancing payment made by FiberHome to Prysmian, the ongoing proceedings (and any other potential past claims) under the related patent families in Germany, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands were settled.

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