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Continuus-Properzi gets order for an ETP copper rod line from India’s Adani Group

Italy’s Continuus-Properzi announced that it has been selected by Adani Group to supply a Properzi ETP TOP copper rod line for a subsidiary—Kutch Copper Ltd.—for its new copper complex project in Gujarat, India.

A press release said that the deal represents a strategic milestone for the entire copper field, not only in India but also worldwide. “We are more than happy and proud to announce this strategic sale of a brand new Properzi CCR line designed to produce up to 250,000 tons of ETP copper rod per year and even more, with our mission to make this CCR line as the most efficient, easiest to operate, and highest quality in the sector. This new project, after several others during the last years, is further proof of our leading position in the copper and aluminum rod fields; Properzi is the benchmark and reference throughout the world.”

Company President Giulio Properzi said that the continuous casting and rolling ETP line to be delivered in 2023 to Adani will produce 38 t/h of copper rod. He noted that all such lines are developed in partnership with customers to meet their specific needs. “Every contract and every negotiation in our field requires considerable dedication and a lot of patience, as dialogues need very long times. But in this case, I could see the final achievement after an incredible long period of sixty years of sweat, efforts, hard work and engineering, since the first copper rod line my father provided, as a disruptive tool, to the industry in 1962.”

Per an on-line article in Business Today, Kutch Copper’s greenfield copper refinery project, in two stages, is designed to produce one million metric tons a year.

Read 262 times Last modified on April 6, 2023