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Fort Wayne Wire Die opens Mexican site

Italy’s Continuus-Properzi announced that it has been selected by Adani Group to supply a Properzi ETP TOP copper rod line for a subsidiary—Kutch Copper Ltd.—for its new copper complex project in Gujarat, India.
U.S.-based Fort Wayne Wire Die announced the opening of a new die service center in Querétaro, Mexico, where the business—Fort Wayne Wire Die de México—will service the fast-growing Mexican wire and cable market with locally produced single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies and recutting service for the same. See p. 95 for more about the company.

“Having a local service center in the heart of Mexico will allow our company to provide a much higher level of service to our Mexican customers,” said FWWD President Eric Bieberich. “The ability to finish new dies from rough drilled inventory and to recut and repolish worn dies without their leaving the country will greatly improve our responsiveness to the demanding and growth oriented Mexican market.” The location will be a focus factory with a heavy concentration on new and recut diamond and PCD dies for rod breakdown, intermediate, and fine wire drawing operations, including matched die sets for high-speed, multi-wire drawing machines.

Tino Corral, a Spanish-speaking 30+ year FWWD sales veteran, along with his wife, have re-located to Querétaro, where he will head the office. A core team of Mexican nationals with a variety of experience have gone through extensive wire die specific training in Fort Wayne and another service center.

FWWD also has plants in Canada and the Philippines, and the Mexican addition is the first new one for the company in some 15 years. “Servicing the Mexican wire and cable market from the U.S. had been a challenge,” Bieberich said. “To really get serious about this market, the best solution for us was to do this. It can be intimidating to staff a new plant, but we have been impressed by the steep learning curve of our newest employees.”

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